The future cobas® Mass Spec solution from Roche*

*cobas Mass Spec solution is in development. Not available for sale or distribution in the USA. At launch, cobas Mass Spec will be in a stand-alone configuration only. All other configurations, including clinical chemistry and immunochemistry analytical units, will be available at a later date.

Fully integrating mass spec into the routine laboratory

Mass spectrometry today

Mass spectrometry is renowned for its high sensitivity, specificity and accuracy and is therefore considered the gold standard in several clinical indications.1-7

Research8 shows that many clinical laboratories would like to benefit from mass spectrometry in order to expand and enhance their test offering, but struggle to do so due to various limitations of the existing solutions on the market.

  • High technology and operational complexity
  • High manual burden, lack of integration and standardization
  • The need for highly specialized and trained expert staff


The future of mass spectrometry from Roche*

Using feedback from customers, Roche is developing a true technological revolution – an entirely automated clinical mass spectrometry solution for the routine lab.


cobas Mass Spec* is designed to have: 

Seamless integration

Into clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing, as well as lab automation and IT

Full automation

From sample preparation to results interoperation with random access operation

High throughput

To fit the needs of the routine laboratory for fast and predictable turnaround times – up to 100 samples/hour

Broad assay menu

Consolidated on a single platform with standardized performance traceable to reference methods, >60 analytes planned

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