Unseen Heroes of COVID-19

Medical lab professionals across the United States continue to go above and beyond in response to the needs of the pandemic.


They are the unseen heroes of COVID-19.


Here are the stories behind some of these extraordinary people.

A New Normal in 8 Hours

When the first COVID test was delivered, life changed dramatically for these lab heroes.

UnityPoint Health Pathology Laboratory
Ankeny, Iowa

‘Nobody Knew What We Did’

A community recognizes its lab heroes for rising to the challenge of COVID-19.

Guthrie Laboratory
Sayre, Pennsylvania


‘It Came in Like a Windstorm’

COVID showed these lab heroes they could do things they didn’t think they could do.

HNL Lab Medicine
Allentown, Pennsylvania


‘This Was Turning on a Dime’

Bringing in new automated COVID testing takes months; these lab heroes did it in weeks.

AdventHealth Laboratory
Tampa, Florida


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