Unseen Heroes

Every day, medical lab professionals across the country have gone above and beyond to respond to the needs of the pandemic. 


They are the unseen heroes of COVID-19.


Here are the stories behind some of these extraordinary people.

A new normal in 8 hours


When the first COVID test was delivered, life changed dramatically for these lab heroes.


UnityPoint Health
Pathology Laboratory
Ankeny, Iowa
Nobody knew what we did


A community recognizes its lab heroes for rising to the challenge of COVID-19.


Guthrie Laboratory
Sayre, Pennsylvania


It came in like a windstorm


COVID showed these lab heroes they could do things they didn’t think they could do.


HNL Lab Medicine
Allentown, Pennsylvania


unseen hero story
This Unseen Heroes story coming soon


AdventHealth Laboratory
Tampa, Florida


More Unseen Heroes stories coming soon


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