cobas e 402 analytical unit

The Immunochemistry analyzer - cobas e 402 analytical unit

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
cobas e 402 analytical unit

The immunochemistry analyzer —
cobas e 402 analytical unit

Excellent performance, simple to use and beautifully designed


  • Immunochemistry analytical unit
  • Heterogeneous immunoassays
  • Throughput of up to 120 tests/hour*
  • 28 reagent positions
  • Carryover-free disposable assay tips and cups
  • Sample liquid level detection, clot detection, air aspiration detection
cobas e 402 analytical unit
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cobas® pure integrated solutions

Simplicity meets Excellence

cobas® pure integrated solutions is a member of the cobas® family of systems which is designed to deliver excellence, while at the same time simplifying your daily work.

* cobas® pure integrated solutions User Guide


Ordering Information

Technical Documents

Specifications of the reagent system

  • Reagent pack types

    cobas e pack green

  • Reagent loading / unloading


  • Reagent Identification


  • Capacity of reagent disk

    28 reagent packs

  • Reagent storage temperature

    5 – 10 °C (41 – 50 °F)

Specifications of the sampling system

  • Sampling cycle time

    30 seconds

  • Sample pipetting volume

    4 – 60 μL (1 μL steps)

  • Sample Liquid level detection


  • Sample clot detection


  • Sample air aspiration detection


Specifications of the reaction system

  • Number of incubator disk positions


  • Reaction volume

    120 μL

  • Incubator temperature

    37 °C ± 0.3 °C (98.6 °F ± 0.5 °F)

  • Reaction times for tests

    9/18/27 min

  • Mixer


Specifications of the ECL measuring system

  • Measuring Cell

    ECL measuring cell

  • Number of measuring cells


  • Maximum throughput*

    120 tests/hour*

* Throughput may differ based on the mix of test orders per sample

Source: cobas® pure integrated solutions User Guide

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