cobas® z 480 analyzer

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cobas z 480 analyzer
Efficiency. Flexibility. Confidence.

The cobas® z 480 analyzer is a component of the modular cobas®4800 System, and can also exist as a standalone instrument for automated amplification and detection of clinical and research assays. The cobas® z 480 analyzer offers advanced real-time PCR technology for high-quality results.

cobas z 480 instrument
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Proven performance
  • Proven high-performance, medium-to high throughput PCR platform
  • Trusted by thousands of laboratories worldwide to deliver accurate results
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Fast and accurate thermal cycling
  • Unique Therma-Base technology optimizes heat transfer for maximum uniformity and well-to-well reproducibility
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High specificity
  • Optimized filter design minimizes spectral cross talk 
  • Highly efficient capture of fluorescence signal to reduce artifacts and ensure data integrity
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Automated and reliable results
  • Automatically checks and validates PCR curve consistency
  • Proprietary Kinetic Algorithm reduces ambiguity

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cobas® 4800 BRAF V600 Mutation Test

cobas® EGFR Mutation Test v2

KRAS Mutation Test

Factor II and Factor V Test

EZH2 Mutation Test

BRAF/NRAS Mutation Test (LSR)1

KRAS Mutation Test v2 (LSR)1

User-defined functionality2

  1. For Life Science Research only. Not for use in Diagnostic procedures.
  2. For General Laboratory Use.

Further complement your IVD assays with your own lab developed tests (LDTs), leveraging the system’s User Defined Functionality (UDF) software.

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Lab developed tests

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User defined functionality software

Automated advanced results algorithm

Manual interpretation of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) data is associated with subjectivity. To further ensure reliable results, the cobas® z 480 Analyzer applies an automated advanced results algorithm that interprets three key aspects of PCR data:


Growth curve shape


Growth curve height (curve amplitude)

CT value

Cycle threshold (Ct value)


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