Urisys 1100® analyzer

Small and easy to use

Urisys 1100® analyzer

Fast, accurate urine testing
with the push of a button

Urinalysis can be a valuable diagnostic tool — and a time-intensive one. Manually evaluating and recording results often takes time away from other important tasks.

The CLIA-waived Urisys 1100 urine analyzer makes testing fast and automatic. With the push of a button, it evaluates the test strip and prints a patient report. Compared to visual testing, this can help make your lab operations more efficient and give busy staff more time for other things.

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Technical Documents


  • Workloads

    10 – 50 samples per day

  • Throughput

    approx. 50 test strips/hour

  • Resistant

    Chemstrip is virtually resistant to ascorbic acid interference and provides reliable result largely unaffected by ascorbic acid in the sample.2

  • Calibration

    Chemstrip Calibration Strips for weekly calibration

  • Test strips

    Chemstrip 10 MD

  • Memory capacity

    100 results

  • Printer

    Thermal printer

  • Connectivity

    Connectivity to the cobas POC IT solution



  1. Urisys 1100 analyzer Operator's Manual, 2018.
  2. Chemstrip 10MD urine test strip package insert
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