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Open channel testing, allowing you to do more with less

In today's cost-driven healthcare environment, many laboratories are searching for ways to increase operational gains. Open channel assays, including IVD and Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs), can play an important role not only in achieving financial objectives but in redefining a laboratory's value within the wider healthcare environment. 


Expand your testing possibilities

The cobas omni Utility Channel, a dedicated open channel for use on the cobas® 6800 and cobas® 8800 Systems, enables a broader testing menu by consolidating open channel assays with Roche IVD assays on a single platform.


Female lab technician operating cobas omni Utility Channel touchscreen


Validated Assays

Consolidate and automate a wider array of testing on the cobas® 6800 and cobas® 8800 Systems with validated assays on the cobas omni Utility Channel.

Validated assays minimize variability and complexity in testing, reducing workload and alleviating risk of error for laboratories.


Primer and Probe Sets

Save time during test design by using primer and probe sets that have been optimized on the cobas omni Utility Channel

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Woman using the cobas omni Utility Channel on a cobas ® 6800 System


Custom designed LDTs

Truly customize your menu by developing LDTs on the cobas omni Utility Channel for further lab consolidation. The LDT testing workflow uses the same processes, consumables and reagents as IVD testing. 

Configure your assays to detect up to 12 individual targets from three different PCRs in a single run with no pre-sorting required. 


Greater flexibility and scalability

The consolidation and full automation of IVD and LDTs help to maximize laboratory space, minimize capital investment, and decrease operational costs, giving your laboratory the flexibility to explore opportunities with confidence.

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Simplifying workflows through seamless integration

cobas omni Utility Channel

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Package inserts

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cobas omni Utility Channel performance summary

  • Sample handling

    No pre-sorting required for LDT or IVD samples

  • Flexible testing

    Detect up to 12 targets per run

  • Sample types

    Common sample types supported between IVD and LDT testing

  • Result reporting

     Results reported as Reactive/Non-Reactive based on your Ct range

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