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Lung cancer

Supporting lung cancer patient management

Roche Diagnostics provides the comprehensive diagnostic solutions you need to effectively manage the continuum of lung cancer patient care, from diagnosis to therapy decisions to monitoring. Our assays and instrumentation provide medical value and testing efficiency, enabling labs to deliver consistently accurate, timely results so you can make informed treatment decisions to help improve care, and outcomes, for lung cancer patients.

By helping patients get the right test at the right time, together we can improve the lives of those facing cancer.      

The need for advanced lung cancer solutions

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide1, and statistics clearly show the tremendous health burden it represents for patients, their families, and our healthcare systems. 

NSCLC lung cancer by the numbers
Lung Cancer IHC portfolio

Roche Diagnostics lung cancer portfolio

Roche offers a comprehensive lung cancer portfolio across the most robust and relevant diagnostic technologies to help you optimize lung cancer patient management. Our clinically validated solutions, including important biomarker assays and fully automated instrumentation, along with digital diagnostic support solutions, help provide confidence in diagnostic decision-making.

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