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3D intelligence in lab automation

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
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Redefine your lab’s potential

The cobas 8100 automated workflow series, powered by cobas infinity laboratory solution, improves your lab’s flexibility to answer the rising demand for testing. Gain the agility and confidence your laboratory needs to transform business outcomes and impact patient care.

Elevate automation, maximize predictability, and impact patient care with the cobas 8100 automated workflow series.


cobas systems are designed to work together to reduce staff intervention and overall complexity, while increasing capacity and confidence. Plus, integrated third-party connectivity enables a fully automated core laboratory.


The cobas 8100 automated workflow series is built for performance. Intelligent tube transport, innovative centrifuge with short cycle times, STAT sample prioritization, and upfront sample integrity checks reduce bottlenecks to lower your overall turnaround time.


Innovative Centrifuge

On other systems, the loading and unloading of samples in the centrifuge (cycle time) is the most common bottleneck. This slow cycle time combined with the inability to handle STAT samples, causes many users to spin their STAT samples offline.

The cobas 8100 automated workflow series opens that bottleneck with a superior centrifuge that can process up to 300 tubes an hour. It’s designed to have a fast cycle time and prioritizes STAT samples, which, when combined with the high G-force, allows labs to run their STAT samples online and still meet their turnaround time goals.


Upfront Sample Integrity Checks

The cobas 8100 automated workflow series has multiple, automated sample integrity checks: test order, tube type match, liquid level detection through three barcodes, and a qualitative HIL check. These checks reduce the chance of downstream errors and are designed with patient safety in mind.

Intelligent Tube Transport

The innovative bi-directional design means that samples never circle around the system unnecessarily and never get caught in bottlenecks, delivering consistent predictability and improved workflows.


STAT Sample Prioritization

The cobas 8100’s innovative and intelligent tube transport design allows the system to prioritize STAT samples and many different modules during the pre-analytic process enabling an efficient workflow to support your turnaround time goals.


As demand for testing continues to grow, so does the need for flexibility. Choose from primary, aliquot, or mixed workflows and gain the ability for growth to meet future needs with a modular design.


Flexible Testing

Every laboratory has its own distinct workflow. The cobas 8100 automated workflow series allows you to choose from a primary, aliquot, or mixed workflow, depending on your lab’s needs.

Workflow with Primary Samples
Fewer consumables, less waste

Workflow with Aliquoting
Maintain sample integrity and deliver parallel processing for improved TAT

Mixed Workflow
Use both primary samples and aliquoting

Modular Design

Just as laboratories have distinct workflow needs, they also have unique configuration requirements for their automation systems. The cobas 8100 automated workflow series offers different configurations to accommodate your laboratory’s needs today and grow to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Linear Configuration
Consolidated footprint

Station Configuration
Maximize your lab space and layout

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cobas® 8100: Automation without compromise

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