cobas® infinity POC Solution

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Centralized management
of decentralized testing


Point-of-care (POC) environments are becoming more complex every day. Many point-of-care programs manage hundreds of instruments across multiple locations. The cobas® infinity POC solution from Roche Diagnostics provides comprehensive Point-of-Care program management tools allowing for management of system configurations, test and QC materials, operators, and Point-of-Care instruments, centralizing the management of decentralized testing.

The cobas infinity POC solution connectivity solution from Roche offers a highly customizable, web-based data management system that makes it easy to manage your POC testing environment. It lets you upload data to reduce medical errors, streamline your workflow to improve efficiency, and access data to manage your program’s effectiveness. It also helps you maintain regulatory compliance.

Making change possible

Roche Digital Diagnostics solutions are designed according to a set of guiding principles. Every offering within the portfolio including cobas® infinity POC solution delivers on key business needs that connect your organization and set it apart:

• Reducing complexity

• Gaining control

• Doing more with less

• Elevating the value of your decisions

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Flexible Connectivity for the Point of Care

The cobas infinity POC solution application connects the full Roche POC portfolio including Accu-Chek® Inform II, CoaguChek® XS Plus, CoaguChek®  XS Pro, Urisys 1100®, and cobas® Liat as well as many instruments from other manufacturers.

The cobas infinity POC solution application provides full bi-directional communication and management for a wide array of point-of-care devices, helping ensure that devices are properly configured and managed.


Automate Operator Management and Certification

The cobas infinity POC solution application can help the POCC manage users in a streamlined and effective manner. The cobas infinity POC solution application provides tools that can automate the processes around training and certification, centralize all information and processes, and reduce the complexity of managing a large user base. This can provide you with more time to focus on other valuable activities.


Learning Management System (LMS) Integration Module

The cobas infinity POC solution application has the ability to integrate with external Learning Management Systems to update operator device certifications. With this solution, you no longer need to manually enter competency updates for exams taken in external LMS systems. These results can be directly fed into the cobas infinity POC solution application to update the operator certification status.


Stay Updated with Flexible Alerts, Reporting, and Mobile Access

The cobas infinity POC solution application helps to keep you informed of changing trends and issues so they can be addressed promptly.

  • Highly configurable alerts ensure you are only notified about issues that require your attention.
  • Pre-defined reports and the ability to export data from any screen to PDF, Microsoft Excel, or text help review past performance and create corrective action plans when needed.

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cobas® infinity POC solution capabilities

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cobas® infinity POC solution capabilities


Instrument Management
  • Instrument settings can be configured in the data manager and uploaded to managed instruments (Instrument must support configuration from the data manager)
  • Instrument firmware update via Data Management (Roche instruments only)
  • Customize access to patient testing based on operator certification status (Instrument must support operator lockout)
  • Data manager can configure automatic operator time out settings on the instrument (Instrument must support operator lockout from the data manager)
  • Configure the instrument to lock and unlock based on QC control status (Instrument must support QC lockout from the data manager)
  • Request POC instrument synchronization from Data Manager
  • Send patient lists to instruments (Instrument must support patient lists sent from the data manager)
Operator Management
  • Ability to handle thousands of operators with multiple roles, security profiles, and location assignments
  • User accounts can be created or modified in batches through and import process
Operator Certification
  • Certification management with automatic recertification
  • Ability to perform and record direct observation using Observed Testing Sequence (OTS) on the instrument (Supported from the Accu-Chek Inform II, CoaguChek XS Plus, and CoaguChek XS Pro)
  • Integration with external LMS systems with the addition of the LMS Integration module
  • Automatic On-instrument notification of expiring certifications and certification tasks due (Instrument must support this capability)
  • Automatic e-mail notification to designated operator managers
Material Management
  • Data Manager provides warnings and can send e-mails on expired materials to POCC
  • Assign materials to specific instruments by location
  • Distinguish which QC lot was run on a specific test material lot
  • Download approved material information from Data Manager to instrument (Instrument must support material information download from data manager)
Quality Control (QC)
  • Manual and Automatic QC result management
  • QC reporting and data export
  • Proficiency result tracking
  • Download approved QC material information from Data Manager to instrument (Instrument must support QC material information download from data manager)
Result Management
  • Ability to define criteria for automatic result validation
  • Custom comments can be defined in the data manager and downloaded to the instrument for use on specified tests
  • Test errors, flags, alarms, comments, and instrument ID can be transmitted to the LIS
  • Built-in predefined reports
  • Export data from any screen
  • Connect to Roche and non-Roche instruments
  • Interface to multiple HIS/LIS systems
  • Configurable ADT mapping
User Interface
  • Web-based interface
  • Mobile interface for select tasks including operator and device management
System Management
  • Multisite capability
  • Complete audit trail for the entire flow of communication from instrument through middleware to LIS
  • Define and monitor maintenance tasks
  • View instrument status, exception samples (outside range), and operator certification status
  • Identify when instruments are overdue for upload
Technical Data
  • Software can be loaded on Virtual server platform
  • Software can be interfaced with Active Directory for synched sign on
  • Browsers supported: Silverlight-supported browsers