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Roche Diagnostics recognizes that suppliers are a vital link to our success. This website will inform you about our supplier expectations, requirements and procedures to conduct business with Roche Diagnostics. By achieving TRUSTED SUPPLY .... ALL THE TIME, we can create a value chain relationship that will provide customer satisfaction, sustainable competitive advantage and long-term mutual benefit.

Roche Supplier Portal

Roche Supplier Portal

Roche launched a new supplier portal for indirect procurement in 2022: myBuy GEP SMART. Powered by a cloud-based solution from our third-party partner, GEP, the new portal is designed to make it easier to do business with Genentech and Roche.

Our plan is to gradually replace existing systems and manual processes by the end of 2023.

During the transition, suppliers may need to operate in two environments. They may receive purchase orders in myBuy GEP SMART and through existing systems. There will be no duplicates – please respond to all purchase orders.

  • Indirect POs from myBuy GEP SMART start with a P and are followed by 9 numbers (P000123456)
  • Indirect POs from Roche Diagnostics US legacy systems begin with 2 or 9
What suppliers can do in myBuy GEP SMART
  • Update supplier profile
  • Digitally sign contracts
  • Connect eCatalogs
  • Receive requests for quote, purchase orders
  • Acknowledge purchase orders
  • Create / send invoices, credit invoices
  • Track and monitor invoice status
Ready to Get Started with myBuy GEP SMART?*
  • Existing suppliers should have received an email invitation to join myBuy GEP SMART. Please follow the instructions to validate your profile and contact information.
  • For those that already have a SMART™ by GEP account, please login with your existing credentials.
  • New suppliers may be invited by Genentech / Roche to create a myBuy GEP SMART account. 


*Registration and use of myBuy GEP SMART is free. If you have not received the registration invitation via mail please contact [email protected].


On Demand Resources

See answers to frequently asked questions about the launch of myBuy GEP SMART. 

Visit for on demand resources to help you understand how to register for and use myBuy GEP SMART effectively, including: 

  • myBuy GEP SMART User Guide
  • Quick Help Guides to complete common portal activities


Watch a recording of the myBuy Pilot Kick Off event for suppliers. View the presentation shared here.

Watch a recording of a supplier portal training session. View the training presentation here. 


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Purchase Order Migration


Roche Diagnostics US completed the transition to myBuy / myBuy GEP SMART on July 10, 2023. 

Eligible purchase orders will be migrated from our legacy system to myBuy on July 22/23, 2023, and received a new purchase order number (format P000001234).

If Roche Diagnostics US purchase orders issued to your company were migrated, you will receive a separate notification with more information and answers to frequently asked questions.




Requirements may differ, depending on the method of invoice submission.  


Submit eInvoice through myBuy GEP SMART

Suppliers who have registered to use the myBuy GEP SMART portal can submit invoices via the portal against purchase orders received from myBuy. See this quick help guide for how to submit invoices via the portal. Be sure to attach a copy of your company-generated invoice and any additional documentation that will help Roche process the invoice for payment (this is especially helpful for services-related invoices). 

Invoices are paid according to the terms negotiated with your company and are based on the date the invoice is submitted in myBuy GEP SMART, not the date that the supplier may enter as the date of their invoice, or the date that may be on any attachment they include. Invoice status is shown in the portal in real time, and is continually updated.


Submit invoice via email or mail 

Roche's expectations are that suppliers submit invoices via email (pdf format) to [email protected] with the subject line of: {Initial Invoice "insert invoice number" "insert supplier name"}.

All submitted invoices must contain the following requirements:

  • Supplier Name
  • Invoice Number
  • PO Number
  • Amount Due
  • Invoice Date
  • Purchasing Company
  • Purchasing Company Contact
  • Terms (w/ discount offered)
  • Item/Service Description
  • Quantity/Price Info

Invoices are paid according to the terms negotiated with your company and are based on the date the invoice is submitted, not the date that the supplier may enter as the date of their invoice, or the date that may be on any attachment they include.


For purchase orders submitted through Ariba Network

Submit your invoice on the Ariba Network Supplier portal by opening the related Purchase Order and click on the Create Invoice --> Standard Invoice buttons. (In case of Credit Notes, please click on Create Invoice --> Line-Item Credit Memo).

Invoices will be paid according to contractual terms, including pre-existing Purchase Orders (PO). Invoices against a Roche Purchase Order must meet the following requirements:

  • Purchase Order number must be on the invoice.
  • Purchase Order number must match a valid Roche Purchase Order number.
  • Supplier must only bill for shipped goods/services as directed on the Purchase Order.

In certain instances, a PO is not required. If you do not have a PO with Roche, please ensure that the Purchasing Company Contact is included on the invoice.

Proper invoice submission is important to ensure that your invoices are processed timely and accurately. Incomplete or missing information may result in delay of payment or cause rejection of invoice.

Any inquiries regarding an invoice or payment must be submitted to the following:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-877-906-8979
Support Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8 am EST to 6 pm EST; Friday, 8 am to 4 pm EST


Performance Guidelines

Performance Guidelines

Roche Diagnostics highly values the relationships we have with our many supply partners. The ultimate success of Roche Diagnostics, our customers, and our suppliers is directly related to creating an optimized supply-chain relationship, wherein the flow of goods is timely and of superior quality. As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business, we regularly measure, review and improve the supplier performance via the Roche Diagnostics Supplier Scorecard process. This closed loop system allows for continuous improvement in performance by targeting key performance metrics, establishing clear performance targets, measurement/feedback of actual performance to target, and finally, analysis and action to close any performance gaps.

Scorecard performance is also a key consideration in awarding future business, and in making supply base consolidation decisions. The expected performance level (level 4) for each metric is shown on the Roche Diagnostics Supplier Scorecard Example (PDF: 66 KB). The purpose of the Supplier Scorecard is to define the measures of performance used to evaluate the supplier base. These measures apply to all suppliers who provide direct material for Roche Diagnostics. They are an important part of overall supplier management and prioritization of activities towards improving quality to our customers. On time performance, Quality reliability, and Quality issues are used in the overall assessment of the supplier's performance.

If supplier related quality issues arise, Roche Diagnostics drives analysis and correction of the problem via our Supplier Non Conformance and Supplier Corrective Action Request process. These requests can be issued based on three possible circumstances:

  1. In response to a supplier audit where corrective action is warranted.

  2. In response to significant event(s) that have a broad impact and require immediate attention. Example: Failure to comply with stated specifications or a manufacturing failure due to non-conforming raw material. In addition, field failure data or other types of defect analysis may identify latent defects and warrant a formal corrective action.

  3. In response to supplier performance metrics or other data that shows performance trends.

This Supplier Non Conformance and Supplier Corrective Action process is initiated by Supplier Quality (SQ). SQ will forward the Supplier-RelatedRequest form describing the issue to the supplier quality representative. Roche Diagnostics’ expectation is that a thorough root cause analysis, corrective action plan and proof of effectiveness plan be developed for each issue. The required supplier response time is agreed between Roche Diagnostics and the supplier. 

Shipping & Receiving

Shipping & Receiving

Roche Diagnostics Corporation's policy is to accept only goods and services that have authorization (Purchase Order or Procurement Credit Card Number) before starting services and/or shipment and receipt of goods. The Purchase Order number should always be referenced on packing slips and all invoices. If a Roche Diagnostics' Procurement Credit Card was used, the words, "Credit Card" and the Roche Diagnostics' employee's first initial and last name should always be referenced on the packing slip. If you do not have authorization from a Roche Diagnostics' representative, we may choose (i) not to accept and return the goods, freight paid by you or (ii) not to accept services and reject any invoices.

For those products shipped from our suppliers to the Roche Diagnostics Global Distribution Centers located in Indianapolis Indiana and Mannheim Germany, the following Supplier Shipping Requirements document must be followed.  This document describes the packaging, labeling, palletization and shipping requirements to ensure receipt of quality product, minimize damage, and efficiency of handling.   If you have questions regarding these requirements, please contact your procurement representative.

Roche Diagnostics' Standard Freight terms are DAP unless otherwise agreed to in a contract. Only Logistics and Procurement departments are authorized to change freight terms. 

Transportation and Routing Guidelines for deliveries can be found for the following sites:

Roche Diagnostics Operations:  Indianapolis, IN

Tim York - Senior Supervision inbound logistics

Derric Bath - Carrier Partner Manager

Rob Burman - Senior Manager Distribution and Logistics

Roche Tissue Diagnostics:  Oro Valley and Marana, AZ

Brandon Baker - Supervisor  Logistics and Transportation

Marco Enciso - Senior Supply Manager

Chris Hyde - Supervisor Senior - Logistics Management

GenMark (Carlsbad, CA)

Jesse Sanchez - Warehouse Supervisor

Roche Molecular Systems:  Branchburg, NJ

Mike Peterson - Senior Manager Operations

Tom Kolbek - Logistics

If you have questions concerning the Routing Instructions and matrix, general transportation topics, or service related problems with our carriers, refer to the guideline for contact information on the Traffic Department for that respective site. 



Our mission is to cultivate as diverse a supplier pool as possible in order to maximize the quality and talent available to Roche and its affiliates. To do so, we provide business enterprises - including but not limited to small, disadvantaged, veteran, disabled-veteran, hub zone and woman-owned companies - with the opportunities and information they need to do business with us.

Roche requires that your company profile be entered into the US Small Business Administration (SBA) before soliciting business with us. For a supplier to participate in the Supplier Diversity program they must be registered with the SBA.

Once registered with the SBA, we ask all potential small business suppliers to register as a diverse supplier with us.

We reserve the right to respond or refrain from responding as appropriate. We may not have a current requirement for your capabilities and may not know when such a requirement will occur; however, when the need for your product or service does occur, we might consider contacting you should an opportunity become available that matches your company's product or service offering.


All purchases are made in the competitive marketplace. Submitting your company profile and filling out our registration form does not automatically place your company on a "bidder's list", constitute approval of your firm as a Roche supplier, or obligate Roche to solicit a request for quotation.

Roche Terms and Conditions

Roche Terms and Conditions

Please find below the Roche supplemental documents to the Roche Master Product Agreement.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (as of 2024)