HCV infection elimination by 2030: A diagnostic approach to streamline care

In the U.S., over 2.4 million people are living with hepatitis C (HCV),1 and 40% of them are unaware of their condition.2 While some people experience only short-term effects from HCV, over half of those who contract the virus suffer from a long-term, chronic infection. 

Many people with chronic hepatitis C don't exhibit any symptoms and may not even feel sick. By the time symptoms do appear, the liver disease has often progressed quite far. 

That's why access to reliable diagnostic testing is important. The sooner an HCV infection can be diagnosed, the earlier clinical intervention can begin. This helps to stop disease progression and reduce healthcare costs. Knowing one's infection status can create awareness and minimize the transmission of the disease. 

Hear from Sarah Wheeler, Ph.D., FAACC, at UPMC regarding HCV elimination and the role of antigen testing.

Download our presentation to gain knowledgeable insights on HCV. 

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