Helping clinicians improve patient care with the cobas® eplex software

Designed to help clinicians improve patient care

The cobas® eplex system combines an intuitive user interface with the customization freedom required to support the diverse and dynamic needs of laboratory and healthcare systems. The software is designed to streamline tasks across the diagnostic process from order-to-report, improving productivity at every level.


Laboratory Information System (LIS) reporting


The cobas® eplex software improves order-to-report turnaround time and eliminates potential transcription errors with industry leading bi-directional LIS capabilities. The cobas® eplex software utilizes hospital standard messaging protocols allowing for broad compatibility across LIS providers.

Bi-directional LIS is one aspect of the unique compliance and data management solution that cobas® eplex software offers your institution. Benefits of our integrated solution include:

  • Automated result reporting eliminates transcription errors and provides actionable results are returned to physicians as soon as possible
  • Configurable auto-validation and eSignature optimize workflow and improve lab efficiency
  • Reduction in pre- and post-analytical steps improve time to results and minimizes the risk of avoidable error
  • The cobas® eplex system supports the interface works with HL7, ASTM and CSV, XML, TXT (non-standard)

cobas eplex software benefits

Remote access

Remote access provides an innovative, proactive and easy-to-use utility to support eplex systems in your lab. 

This tool establishes a secure network connection between the technical support team and the eplex system. Support through remote access ensures timely resolution of issues with minimal impact to lab workflow all while maintaining the security of patient data and laboratory operations.

Optimize system performance and minimize downtime

Remote access is just another way that eplex software is optimized for the lab by providing a unique service capability that enables:

  • On-demand remote troubleshooting and log transfer
  • Enhance service response and issue resolution time
  • Reduce site operator time assisting with issue resolution
  • Analyze system performance
  • Review instrument configuration settings
Data security features

GenMark, like Roche, is committed to the integrity of Protected Health Information (PHI) and the security of customer networks and information systems. cobas® eplex software remote access is equipped with an advanced suite of security features.

  • Secured data transfer using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) SSL
  • Connections established only with site operator approval
  • HTTPS PORT 443 to securely connect with dedicated GenMark support server
  • Data does not contain ANY identifiable patient data
  • Meets CLSI security standard for remote connections in your laboratory
Explore the <b>cobas</b>&reg; <b>eplex</b> software features

Explore the cobas® eplex software features

templated comments
Templated comments

Templated comments can help drive more rapid therapy decisions

  • Defined by the laboratories based on appropriate clinician decisions or laboratory instructions 
  • Automate the interpretation of the local antibiogram to guide antibiotic therapy selection
  • Fast-track treatment intervention to potentially improve antimicrobial stewardship programs and infection control
templated comments rule builder
Templated comments rule builder

Allows rules to be imported across multiple instruments

  • You can prepare multiple simple templated comments from the convenience of your desk

  • You can create a master file of simple rules, save as a .CSV, then upload the file to the instrument

report scheduler
Report scheduler

Integrated scheduling tool that automates the generation and distribution of report results

  • Customized epidemiology reports with automated distribution scheduled daily, weekly or monthly

  • Reports can be distributed via email to minimize the administrative overhead of gathering data

Custom Epidemiology Reports
Custom epidemiology reports

Integrated epidemiology reporting to help analyze onboard prevalence data

  • Create customized reports for surveillance and monitoring of epidemiology data

  • Export custom epidemiology datasets to excel compatible formats to create multi-series prevalence charts

Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Bi-directional LIS integration improves result turnaround time and helps reduce the risk of transcription errors

  • Pending test orders dashboard enables immediate visibility of incoming samples to determine daily workload

  • Integrated auto-validation control to manage automatic result release to LIS

  • Drivers available for all major LIS vendors

External control

Automated QC tracking to ensure accreditation compliance

  • Easily demonstrate QC compliance for lab accreditation with onboard reporting

  • Predefine and track external quality control by assay

  • Automatically monitor QC frequency and lot changes

  • External control workflow provides the user with the ability to reset the due dates in the middle of an existing external control cycle

Security and user management

Integrated HIPAA compliant safeguards to manage security risks and vulnerabilities

  • User access management to the cobas® eplex system is simplified with active directory integration

  • Strong password requirements are enforced to help protect electronic protected health information (ePHI)

Bay monitoring

Automated bay monitoring to ensure bay health status

  • Designed to improve validity by identifying bay-related issues early