Patented Technology
Accu-Chek Test Strips: At the Leading Edge of the Point of Care.

Only the Accu-Chek Inform II test strip is designed with patented dual alternating and direct (AC/DC) current technology that tests a wider range of variables, compared to other hospital glucose testing systems.


Patented technology, precise control:
  • Exclusive AC/DC technology enables more than 150 integrity checks, including accurate and efficient temperature estimation, and compensation for hematocrit effects.
  • Easy-fill tip quickly pulls the blood sample into the strip.
  • Underfill protection ensures enough sample is applied to conduct a test and helps prevent the need for another fingerstick or test strip.
  • Principle measurement electrodes conduct integrity tests before measuring glucose concentration.
  • Code key provides one-person, remote calibration for each test strip lot.
Why AC/DC technology is better.

Other meters use just DC current, which provides the basic blood glucose measurement. By also using AC current, the Accu-Chek Inform II system can gather and analyze significantly more information than other meters on the market.