cobas b 221 system

Convenience for your critical care testing

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
cobas b 221 system
The cobas b 221 blood gas system sets the gold standard for pleural fluid pH testing

Measuring pleural fluid pH is a clinically useful tool for diagnosing and managing
patients with pleural effusions and can be especially important in critical care
situations, when dependable performance is essential.

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Benchtop analyzer which gives lab-quality results in less than 2 minutes

Comprehensive testing menu covers 18 of the most important critical-care blood parameters including: blood gases, electrolytes, co-oximetry and metabolites.

Fast diagnosis

  • Results in less than 2 minutes to support timely clinical decision making

Flexibility of testing

  • Comprehensive parameter menu to meet varying department needs

Confidence in result quality

  • Lab-quality results where and when you need them

Improved uptime

  • Long-life, maintenance-free electrodes and minimal preventative maintenance

cobas b 221 system versions

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cobas b 221 system versions

Parameters Versions
  2 4 6
Blood gases (pH, pO2, pCO2, pH) / Co-oximetry x x x
Electrolytes (Na+, K+, Ca2+-) / Hematocrit   x x
Metabolites (Glu / Lac)     x
Metabolites (Glu / Lac / Urea (BUN))     x
Bilirubin x x x


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  • Throughput

    up to 50 samples/hour

  • Time to result

    less than 2 minutes with whole-blood sampling

  • Module

    Optional module for automatic quality control

  • Parameter combinations

    Three different parameter combinations (see table below) including glucose, lactate, urea and bilirubin

  • Maintenance

    Durable, low-maintenance sensors

  • Touchscreen

    Easy-to-use touchscreen and intuitive user interface

  • Trending acid-base maps

    Trending acid-base maps to support clinical decisions

  • Reagent tracking

    Control reagents consumption

  • Customizable

    Customizable features include a user-definable display and two types of sample application

  • Connectable

    Connectable to your network via cobas® infinity POC for remote control and for comprehensive data management

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