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For every 10 cancer patients treated, an average of only half will benefit. For some, the treatment won’t have any effect; others may suffer from serious side effects.1 In collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies, we identify and develop innovative predictive diagnostics to target those patients who are more likely to respond to specific therapies.

The global partner of choice for companion diagnostics, we help to advance Personalized Healthcare by delivering diagnostic confidence through a broad menu of high medical value predictive assays. Our standardized, fully-automated and easy-to-use solutions enable rapid turnaround time, empowering physicians to make the right patient decisions more quickly.



What is a companion diagnostic?

A companion diagnostic is a test that accurately and reliably  detects a biomarker and in clinical trials has demonstrated  the ability to assist in differentiating patients who will or will not benefit from the associated drug. It is required  for the safe and effective use of the drug.


“We see an enormous potential and huge opportunities in PHC. Targeted therapies and diagnostic tests that help to improve medical decision making not only offer clinical benefits for patients but are also attractive through health economic benefits to regulatory authorities and payers”

— Severin Schwan, CEO Roche


1. Source: Roche Personalized Healthcare brochure, 2011

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