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Hepatitis C (HCV)

Enabling a targeted response

Hepatitis C—who’s at risk?


Globally, an estimated 58 million people have chronic hepatitis C virus infection, with about 1.5 million new infections occurring per year.1

Certain groups are at increased risk of HCV infection. These include people who inject drugs, children born to mothers with HCV and recipients of infected blood products.2

HCV Blood Transmission

From World Health Organization (WHO). Accessed January 2023.

Timely diagnosis is the key to effective treatment


Hepatitis C is curable in more than 95% of cases. People who test positive for hepatitis C should be treated with direct-acting antiviral (DAA) medication. Timely treatment is important to prevent liver damage and further spread. Treatment saves lives, prevents ongoing spread, and can save costs by stopping the disease from progressing.7

HCV Diagnosis

Proper diagnosis, along with viral load monitoring, allow healthcare professionals to optimally tailor therapy according to virus genotype, viral load (the amount of virus in the blood), and treatment response rate. By combining pharmaceutical and diagnostic innovations, we can deliver tangible benefits to patients more effectively.


First in innovation


Roche introduced the first-ever test to monitor HCV viral load in 1993 and remains committed to helping eradicate the virus today.

Roche assays support the accurate detection and viral-load quantification of HCV across different genotypes, helping clinicians make decisions that support the best patient care possible.

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