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A commitment to effective HCV and HBV diagnosis and monitoring since 1993

Hepatitis B and C are among the most common viral infections in the world. About 325 million worldwide in 2015 were carriers of hepatitis B or C virus infections, which can remain asymptomatic for decades.1,2

Every day, approximately 4,000 people die from the consequences of viral hepatitis – 1.4 million people every year.3 Furthermore, each year, 1.75 million people newly acquire hepatitis C virus infection. The disease caused 1.34 million deaths in 2015, a number comparable to annual deaths caused by tuberculosis and higher than those caused by HIV.2

Roche is committed to fighting viral hepatitis, offering a complete continuum of care for the diagnosis and treatment of HCV and HBV. This starts with a focus on  serology based testing for screening and diagnosis followed by PCR testing for confirmation and genotyping (only HCV) and viral load monitoring to determine patient response to treatment.

90% reduction in new cases of chronic hepatitis B and C by 2030



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