Roche Support Network

Dedicated to Customer Success

The Roche Support Network was formed with the singular mission of making customers successful through end-to-end customer support to minimize workflow interruptions and improve efficiencies. 

Our organization consists of multiple teams dedicated to supporting your success.    

Our Reach

our reach

The Roche Support Network provides comprehensive support through a wide-range of highly trained and experienced professionals focused solely on your success.

Delighting Our Customers

Over 1,000 support professionals delivering exceptional customer experiences every day. 

Roche Support Network

We strive to create and deliver an exceptional customer experience through innovative support tools and empowering engagement. 

Our service spans the entire length of the sales cycle and beyond ensuring ongoing success with your Roche equipment over the life of our partnership. 

Our support team is constantly seeking new innovative ways to meet the customer where the need exists.  We focus on three key areas to continue to improve upon our world-class offerings: