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Make sure you’ve got all the information you need to get the job done. Download Quick Reference Guides, Manuals, Method Sheets and Safety Data Sheets.
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Ready to update your cobas® Liat® system or assay software?

Periodically, you will need to install and register new system and assay software for your cobas® Liat® Analyzer, so your system will always run as efficiently as possible.
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We have provided some helpful troubleshooting information for your cobas® Liat®.


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Get help with your cobas® Liat® by submitting a Problem Report for our experts to review.


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Liat Technical Support: 1-800-800-5973


Need assistance with your Roche-supported middleware?
cobas Infinity POC (IT1000) Technical Support: 1-800-440-3638 (option 3)