cobas® Liat® Support: Problem Report

Generating and Submitting Your cobas® Liat® Problem Report


First, configure your problem report content


From the Main screen, choose Settings > System > Problem report > Content. Choose the Select button.
* You must have either a supervisor or an administrator user role to configure problem report content.*
It is recommended to include at a minimum the Run log, Sample Results and Sample ID. To include each item choose the Yes value. 
*For the most effective troubleshooting, it is recommended to include at least 30 days of data (or select All if the issue precedes 30 days).*
Choose the Save button.

Next, create your problem report


From the Main screen, choose Tools > Create problem report. Choose the Select button.
Select the corresponding data range to match your selection in the problem report content.



Select your storage location (typically USB Flash Drive or Remote Service).
Choose the Select button. 



Note: You cannot perform any other actions on the analyzer until the problem report is finished.
Wait until a message is displayed that the problem report was created successfully. Choose the Confirm button.
If your analyzer is connected to a network, you can archive your problem report to Remote Service. Your problem report will then be submitted to Roche Technical Support’s remote service platform (Axeda). You will not need to upload the problem report on our website.
If using a USB flash drive, upload and submit your problem report to Roche Liat Technical Support
*Regardless of whether you are submitting your data through our website, or via remote platform, you must first call in to report your analyzer issue to Roche Liat Technical Support at 1-800-800-5973.