CoaguChek® Vantus


The future of INR self-testing

Trust in your patients’ self-testing results like never before. Accurate INR results are transmitted wirelessly to CoaguChek Link via Bluetooth®-enabled CoaguChek Vantus and CoaguChek Patient Services.1 Self-testing can help improve patient compliance versus clinic-based testing, which may increase time in therapeutic range (TTR), and enable therapy decisions based on current results.2,3

A new standard of technology for warfarin patients:

Easy to use. The CoaguChek Vantus is designed with features to make accurate self-testing as easy and as repeatable as possible, including full-color display with easy-to-use on-screen instructions.

Minimal pain. The CoaguChek XS Softclix Lancing Device is a specially designed lancing device that pricks the skin with a lancet to obtain just one drop of blood for testing.

Simplified patient experience. CoaguChek Patient Services facilitates data results transfer and testing reminders, and has earned a 95% patient satisfaction rate.4

Seamless transfer of INR test results. With the CoaguChek Vantus, no phone calls are needed and no manual entry on a web page is required. The results are accurately reported via Bluetooth connectivity to CoaguChek Link.

Expert training and support. CoaguChek Patient Services provides all self-testing supplies, as well as training, including e-learning and a face-to-face patient training course.

24/7 product support. If you or your patients have questions, live technical support is always available.

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  1. Bluetooth connectivity requires a smartphone or tablet. Minimum specifications required.
  2. Kortke, H., Minami, K., Reymann, T., et al., (2001). “INR self-management after mechanical heart valve replacement: ESCAT (Early Self-Controlled Anticoagulation Trial).” Z Kardiol 90(6)118-124.
  3. Heneghan C, Alonso-Coello P, Garcia-Alamino JM, Meats E and Glasziou P. Self-monitoring of oral anticoagulation: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Lancet. 2006;367:404-411
  4. CoaguChek Patient Services 2017 Patient Satisfaction Survey. Data on file.

Call 1-800-780-0675 for a list of supported devices and operating systems.

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