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Dermatopathology IHC portfolio

Deliver diagnostic confidence with the Dermatopathology IHC portfolio

Every year, more people in the U.S. are diagnosed with skin cancer than all other cancers combined. Histology testing can be used to quickly distinguish between cancer and benign neoplasms of the skin and to determine cell of origin, allowing physicians to formulate timely treatment plans for their patients. Our robust menu of tools aid in dermatopathology diagnostics and treatment. Our portfolio of immunohistochemistry detection products delivers the high sensitivity and specificity you need from your assays. Our antibodies are ready to use on the fully-automated VENTANA BenchMark IHC/ISH staining platforms, reducing the time-to-result and resources required with manual or semi-automated solutions.

We offer 45 cornerstone and novel dermatopathology ready-to-use reagents, including key IHC and FITC antibodies which aid in the diagnosis of melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and other less common dermatological malignancies.


Featured products

Comprehensive melanoma panel

Melanoma accounts for only 1% of all skin cancer cases, but causes the most skin cancer deaths.

MART-1/melan A
HMB45 (Melanosome)
Sox-10 (SP267)
Sox-10 (SP267)
Additional derm-related markers to meet a broad range of diagnostic needs including:
  • Merkel Cell
  • Squamous cell vs. basal cell carcinomas


Fully automated, direct immunofluorescence staining

FITC - labeled antibodies against: C3, fibrinogen, IgA, IgG and IgM

Flexible dual chromogen staining

Endless possibilities

  • Greater context for diagnosis with brown and red chromogens
  • Simpler, faster interpretation
  • Compatible with any species combination of mouse and rabbit primary antibodies (mouse-mouse, rabbit-rabbit, rabbit-mouse)

Sensitive and specific detection 
in red or brown chromogens

ultraView Universal Alkaline Phosphatase Red Detection Kit and ultra View Universal DAB Detection Kit
ultraView detection systems are leading-edge multimer-technology based kits suitable for use with both mouse and rabbit primary antibodies. ultraView chemistry provides crisp morphology, enabling the sensitive and specific visualisation of the targeted antigen. The kits are biotin-free, thus eliminating non-specific staining caused by endogenous biotin.

OptiView DAB IHC Detection Chemistry
By increasing the numbers of HRP enzymes at each primary antibody site, OptiView DAB IHC detection provides unparalleled signal intensity, empowering you to achieve the level of intensity you desire, even for low-expressing antigens. Our synthetic, non-endogenous hapten system virtually eliminates background even as signal intensity increases.

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