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Integration to the next power

To succeed, you need more than systems that work in harmony. You need integration that unlocks exponentially greater performance. 


Take integration to the next power with cobas® infinity IT solutions. It was designed from the drawing board for people to work to their full potential. With cobas® infinity IT solutions powering your lab, performance that was once not possible, is now reality.


Workflow Engine

•Dynamic decision making
•Personalized for your lab
•Visualize and control your workflow
•Minimal downtime for workflow adjustments

Lean Result Validation

•Out of the box configurations
•Access to all relevant information at your fingertips
•Still have ability to write rules for advanced behaviors

Integrated Quality Control

•Integrated quality control monitoring
•Simplified setup without complex rules
•QC channel block without user intervention
•QC information available during result validation 

Browser-Based Access

•Multiple web browser compatibility
•Access anytime, anywhere
•Reduce security risks
•Easier software installation and maintenance
•Eliminate need to upgrade individual workstations 

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cobas® infinity IT solutions - Integration to the next power

cobas® infinity is a highly flexible and scalable series of innovative digital products, designed to help you manage all of your tasks and work processes in all of the different work areas. It is a comprehensive management tool designed to keep you in the driver seat. It collects all the data you need and brings it together on your screen.