cobas® infinity laboratory solution

What if less hands-on time,
resulted in greater productivity?

The healthcare landscape is in a seemingly constant state of change 
and staying current feels like a never-ending affair.

Since the dawn of digitalization, Roche has collected and understood the value of data. More than 30 years of information and analytics, plus an unrivalled investment 
in healthcare innovation,* have given rise to our 4th generation laboratory integration software—cobas® infinity laboratory solution.

The days of complex rule writing and repetitive manual tasks are gone. 
cobas® infinity laboratory solution introduces an adaptive workflow design that determines the most optimal and effective route for patient samples. By evaluating 
and accounting for everything occurring in your laboratory ecosystem—made 
up of your analyzers, IT, quality control status, and sample volumes—you gain invaluable visibility into the everyday inner workings of your lab. 

cobas® infinity laboratory solution empowers you to confidently meet key performance indicators, raise the bar on laboratory automation, and do more with your time.


*With CHF 28 million invested in research and development per day, Roche is globally ranked +7, spending 
more than companies such as Novartis, Toyota and J&J. (Data courtesy of PricewaterhouseCoopers.)

Dynamic decision-making adjusts to the ever-changing lab environment

cobas® infinity laboratory solution is built for flexibility and performance.

Identify and address your lab’s biggest challenges by seamlessly integrating your entire sample flow—from pre- to post-analytics—on a single software solution.

Working together with your existing lab setup, cobas® infinity laboratory solution puts process control, intelligent routing, and automatic reflex testing within reach.


Lean Result Validation 
Eliminate complex rule writing and optimize test validation with auto verification and centralized data 
on one screen


Workflow Engine 
Minimize downtime with an intelligent dynamic engine that automatically adjusts to changing conditions


Integrated Quality 
Help simplify daily processes with built-in QC data access, so you never have to leave the application


Enhance productivity through dynamic dashboards focused on the operational insights you need for your lab