Medical & Scientific Affairs

Who are we?

Medical and Scientific Affairs is a vital strategic and educational partner to health care professionals in the United States, providing unparalleled scientific insight that empowers decision-makers to drive innovation and ultimately improve the lives of people. We are passionate about effectively communicating the medical value of Roche products and are dedicated to engaging in scientific exchange, research support and medical education. These activities may enable customers to develop novel protocols, implement new standards of care and institute guidelines that result in the best possible outcomes for patients.

Scientific Exchange

We revel in the opportunities to speak scientist–to–scientist with health care professionals looking to better understand the medical and scientific value of Roche Diagnostics' products and how they might be best used to improve the lives of patients.

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Research Support

MSA actively supports the research needs of our scientific and medical professional customers through investigator initiated studies (IIS).

Clinical Utility/Outcomes

New Algorithms


Health Economics

Method Comparison

Novel Uses

Comparative Effectiveness

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Medical Education

We eagerly sponsor opportunities and programs that increase the scientific and medical understanding of health care professionals.

Here is a partial list of areas we support:

CME programs



PACE-accredited content

Grand rounds

CEU for nurse education

Independent Education Programs (IEP)