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PACE® courses

Descriptions about new PACE course offerings appear below the instructions on this page.


  1. Sign in or register for Roche Diagnostics University (RDU).
  2. Go to the PACE content library and search for the title of the course you’d like to take.

  3. Take the course and applicable assessment. Once complete, you’ll have the certificate in your learning history tab. 

Note: Some courses are still being PACE accredited. Please refer to your course history in RDU at a later date to download certificates for those. For courses pending PACE accreditation: Once PACE approved, Roche’s commercial education team will email instructions to you on how to submit your completion certificate to ensure that you receive credits earned.

These PACE courses are strictly for educational and scientific purposes and have no commercial interactions or expectations associated with them. If you have questions about these courses, please reach out to your Roche medical and scientific affairs liaison or via [email protected]. Statements made in the course descriptions below have citations included in the courses themselves unless otherwise noted.


For more detailed instructions, download our PDF.

If you need any assistance, contact our commercial education team.

If you have questions about course content or would like to request a live session, please contact our medical and scientific affairs team.